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The workplace is undergoing rapid transformation, and B12 is on a mission to help people accomplish more at work.

Founded in 2015 by Nitesh Banta, a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur, and Adam Marcus, an MIT computer science Ph.D. with expertise in data and Human-assisted A.I., the company represents a category shift towards intelligent software.

Orchestra, the engine behind the company’s Human-assisted A.I. model, is currently used to help teams of expert designers build and manage beautiful and professional websites. Leveraging A.I. to streamline complex workflows, B12 delivers superior outcomes for both creative experts and clients who receive a high-touch experience and a self-optimizing website in days, not weeks, and at a fraction of the cost.

B12 is adamant that the future is not about pitting humans vs. machines: it’s about rethinking and improving the way we work. Using intelligent software to handle and automate tedious, repetitious tasks allows people to leverage their expertise where it matters most. This combination fuels craftsmanship, superhuman productivity, and a brighter future of work.

General Catalyst Team