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The Kuvée system is composed of a Kuvée Bottle and a curated collection of 750 ml Kuvée wines.

To drink wine with Kuvée, users insert a wine into the Kuvée Bottle, and pour. The patented valve system prevents oxygen from touching the wine, so wine stays fresh for up to 30 days after opening. As a result, consumers can open multiple wines and enjoy them without fear that the remaining wine will spoil. Kuvée wines are easily switched in and out to accommodate multiple users’ preferences.


The Kuvée Bottle features a Wi-Fi connected touch screen that shares food pairings and serving tips, details the number of glasses remaining within each wine and describes how and where the wine was made. The Bottle allows users to rate wines, and then makes personalized wine recommendations which can be purchased directly from the screen.


General Catalyst Team