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Elad Gil

Co-Founder & CEO, Color Genomics

Elad Gil is the Co-Founder & CEO of Color Genomics, a physician ordered genetic test which screens for various types of hereditary cancers for both men and women.

Elad spent several years at Google where he started the mobile team. Following Google, he co-founded MixerLabs, which was acquired by Twitter in 2009. At Twitter, Elad was the VP or corporate strategy where he ran various product teams. Elad holds a Ph.D. in Biology with a focus on cancer and the PTEN tumor suppressor gene from MIT and degrees in Mathematics and Biology from UCSD. Elad is a long-time investor and advisor to leading companies such as AirBnB, Instacart, Stripe, Square, Pinterest, Gusto, Nuna Health, Eligible, and Karius Genomics and others.