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Jordan Fliegel

Founder, CoachUp

“I founded CoachUp from my heart, with the simple idea that the world would be a better place if every person who has an athletic dream could receive the help they need to achieve their full potential. At CoachUp, we are working hard every day to make that vision a reality.”

Jordan Fliegel is Founder of CoachUp.com, the nation’s leading private coaching company. Jordan is also Founder and General Manager of Bridge Boys, LLC., a seed-stage technology investment firm in Boston, MA.

Before the business world, Jordan played professional basketball in Israel and Europe, and continues to be involved in basketball by coaching kids every weekend. Jordan credits private coaching for his success in basketball, and credits his involvement in basketball for helping shape his life.

Jordan grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and holds dual U.S. and Israeli citizenship. He graduated with a BA in Government and Philosophy at Bowdoin College, and an MBA at Tel Aviv University.