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Ken Allard


Ken Allard is the CEO of L2. L2 research analyzes and quantifies trends in digital, providing insights aimed at improving brands’ digital competence and performance. He is a trusted partner for c-level executives who are seeking to build digital capabilities and lead their industries.

Prior to L2, Ken was the Global Managing Director of Strategic Services at Huge, where he led Huge’s business strategy, client services, product management, data science & analytics, content strategy, and technology teams. At Huge Ken helped clients transform their brands and grow their businesses, developing market strategies and identifying opportunities for new digital products and services.

Ken was the founder and CEO of Rational Research Consulting, a boutique management consulting firm that helped companies generate revenue from content, data, and brand assets.  He has been instrumental in the launch of leading strategic advisory services businesses, including Lux Research (www.luxresearchinc.com) where he was the COO and Jupiter Media Metrix (now Forrester) where he led the launch of Jupiter’s technology and operations research services and ultimately became the Senior Vice President of Research at Jupiter Media Metrix where he oversaw Jupiter’s advisory research business.

He has held executive leadership positions at numerous companies that offer strategy consulting and continuous research products, including Edgewater where we was the Chief Executive Strategist.

He started his career as an analyst at Gartner and became the Director of Interactive Product Development, where in 1996 he launched Gartner’s @vantage service, one of the first Web sites to offer paid subscriptions. Ken helped lead Gartner’s transformation from a paper-based business to a digital business.

He has appeared numerous times on CNN and CNBC and in leading publications to discuss trends in business and technology and is a frequent speaker at strategy conferences.