Mitchell Harper

Mitchell Harper is Co-Founder of Bigcommerce, a hosted e-commerce platform which helps tens of thousands of small businesses sell online via their own online store, Facebook, eBay, mobile commerce and over twenty other channels. Leaning on his strong engineering background, he built the first version of what became Bigcommerce and is passionate about helping small businesses leverage technology to win out over their larger and more established competitors.

Prior to the launch of Bigcommerce, Mitchell co-founded Interspire, which developed a perpetually licensed suite of email marketing, content management, knowledge management and shopping cart software used by over 30,000 clients. Interspire was completely bootstrapped for 8 years, at which point Interspire Shopping Cart was spun off as a SaaS offering that became Bigcommerce, now the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world.

Mitchell is a self-taught entrepreneur with particular focuses on engineering, user interface design, Internet marketing and copywriting. He regularly travels between BigCommerce's offices in Sydney, Australia and Austin, Texas and the BigCommerce YouTube channel where he teaches marketing to small businesses has over 500,000 views.