Raj Mohanty

Raj (Science Citation Index Listing: Pritiraj Mohanty) is a Professor of Physics and faculty at Boston University. Prior to joining Boston University, he was a Postdoctoral Research Faculty at California Institute of Technology. He received his PhD from the University of Maryland in nanoelectronics; his thesis work focused on the concept of direction of time, and the boundary between the classical and quantum regime.

Among his numerous work experiences, Raj has served as a visiting professor in Italy, and a researcher at NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center. He is the recipient of the NSF Career Award and Sloan Fellowship in addition to numerous research awards from NSF, Department of Defense, National Institute of Health (NIH), Coulter Foundation and Petroleum Research Foundation. He has served on many international and national review boards for National Science Foundation and National Academy of Sciences, and he has directed a number of international conferences in Europe and USA.

Raj's current research focuses on nanomechanical systems and their use as memory cells, and passive devices and frequency-selecting elements in wireless communication systems. Other areas of research interests include development of nanoscale biosensors for cancer detection, macroscopic quantum mechanics and quantum computing. He has published over 50 research articles in journals such as Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters and Applied Physics Letters. He has delivered over 100 invited keynote lectures, colloquium and seminars in over 15 different countries.

Raj is also the Founder of a medical diagnostics company Ninth Sense, Inc., which focuses on the disease management of breast cancer from Screening and diagnosis through monitoring for therapy and recurrence.