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Steven Hsiao

CEO & Co-Founder, SpoonRocket

Steven Hsiao is the CEO and Co-Founder of SpoonRocket, an on-demand food delivery service serving the Bay Area. Hsiao has had a place in the food industry for over six years. Before founding SpoonRocket in June 2013, he founded three other on-demand food delivery services, all while still in school at the University of California Berkeley. Hsiao led the delivery services through many evolutions before landing at SpoonRocket.

After graduating from Cal, Hsiao realized that the population around him was becoming more health conscious and so he set out to make a change. After being accepted from YCombinator, SpoonRocket was born. Since then Hsiao has created relationships with chefs and investors alike while leading the technology enabled food start up. Originally from Southern California, Hsiao has been proud to call the Bay Area his home for many years now.