Press for The Honest Company

In January, actress Jessica Alba was once again on the press circuit, meeting with magazines and daytime shows to talk about her work. But this time she wasn’t publicizing a movie premiere—she was promoting the launch of her new startup, The Honest Company.
Alba, 31, became an entrepreneur out of necessity. Pregnant with her first child in 2008, the actress read the book Healthy Child Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan and realized how difficult it would be for an average mom to keep her house toxin free. She teamed up with Gavigan and serial entrepreneur Brian Lee (LegalZoom and ShoeDazzle) and used her own money to start The Honest Company, a website that offers monthly deliveries of nontoxic diapers and cleaning products to new moms.

Jessica Alba is not a scientist, nor has she played one on TV. But she is a mom, and she's done a lot of research. "I read a book called Healthy Child Healthy World when I was seven-and-a-half months pregnant, and my eyes were opened to all of the toxic chemicals that are in everyday household and baby products," Alba says. "So I went to the author of that book, Christopher Gavigan, and I hounded him for a year. I said, ‘I appreciate you've given me a handbook, but you haven't given me a solution. Let's make the solution.' " Together, they developed a baby-care and household-cleaner company eco-friendly enough to calm her nerves, with a flagship product that's every new parent's largest recurring purchase. "We felt like the disposable-diaper industry was the greatest area of opportunity for innovation," Alba says.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Alba and touring the offices of her latest venture, The Honest Company. She took us behind the scenes to share her desktop, her favorite pieces of decor, and how she manages to build the world’s first affordable organic baby-product subscription service with her kids right by her side.