Press for Vostu

Role-playing games and citybuilding games are both prolific on Facebook, though there are relatively few that combine the two play styles. That’s exactly what Vostu’s latest title Flying Kingdoms is trying to do, merging the monster-hunting, treasure-looting and quest-completing gameplay of an RPG with the crop-growing, business-supplying and money-hoarding gameplay of a citybuilder.

The Android Market is a scary place. It can be difficult to spot the stuff that's worth your bandwidth to download, let alone genuinely great games.

In the last IAB Now held in Argentina, Daniel Kafie, CEO and co-founder of Vostu, predicted the social gaming market will turnover $1.6 billion in 2012. According to consulting concern Newzoo, the social gaming industry grew 66% last year (as of early December 2011)and eMarketer has forecast earnings of $1 billion for 2012, just slightly under Vostu’s forecast.

World Mysteries from Brazilian developer Vostu is a new hidden object game for Facebook. It came in second place on our emerging Facebook games chart late last week, and has been showing healthy growth since its launch in late December, with numbers really starting to pick up in early January.