Press for Vostu

Joshua Kushner is the 25-year-old founder of startup investment firm Thrive Capital and co-founder of social gaming startup Vostu. Oh – and he's also in the middle of getting his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Joshua Kushner, co-founder of Vostu and founder of Thrive Capital, a startup investment fund, discusses the outlook for Vostu and the focus of Thrive Capital. Kushner speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop."

One of New York's newest and most active startup investors is barely old enough to rent a car. But Joshua Kushner, founder of Thrive Capital, is also no typical 25-year-old.  There's obviously the family connections: His dad is real estate mogul Charles Kushner, and his brother Jared owns the New York Observer and is married to Ivanka Trump.

Here at -- The Blog, we've extensively covered the rise of social gaming in Europe and Japan (and America, obviously). But the social gaming phenomenon isn't just limited to these locales. It's also making inroads in places like Brazil, as the Wall Street Journal highlighted in a recent profile of Vostu, Brazil's answer to Zynga.