Press for Imprivata

Monitoring user inactivity, and locking down a computer when the user forgets to, is the Holy Grail of PC security. It’s here.  The problem with inactivity has always been how to measure it. Keyboard presses, proximity cards, timers that ask you to re-verify your presence – all have major drawbacks (like inadvertently locking out your boss, or her boss) that inhibit their adaptation. The pain is increased each time the user needs to re-authenticate a locked session.

Imprivata®, Inc., the company that simplifies and secures user access, has been awarded the 2010 UK IT Industry Award for OneSign Secure Walk-Away™ in the category of ‘Security Innovation of the Year’. Released in March of this year, the solution protects unattended desktops from unauthorized access, streamlines employee workflow, and takes the burden of desktop security out of the hands of employees with automated protection. OneSign Secure Walk-Away has already experienced great traction in the UK, having been implemented by a number of hospitals within the country’s National Health Service (NHS). Not only has OneSign Secure Walk-Away proven to be beneficial in providing a solution to security challenges, but it also has addressed patient safety issues at a number of organisations.

As hospitals strive to achieve the early stages of meaningful use in electronic medical records (EMR) implementations, Mahaska Health Partnership (MHP), an Oskaloosa, Iowa-based critical access hospital, has successfully streamlined clinical access to patient data while effectively addressing key mandates in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. With the support ofImprivata’sOneSign®, implemented in March, Mahaska Health Partnership has driven widespread EMR adoption across its hospital, enabling clinicians to focus more time on delivering high-quality care to their patients and less on administrative tasks.

Imprivata has announced that Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has become the new UK healthcare organisation to rollout its OneSign to provide access to medical applications via Single Sign-On (SSO) technology.