Press for iWalk

Hugh Herr, who is the director of the Biomechatronics group at MIT’s Media Lab and the founder of iWalk. He invents bionic limbs that move like flesh and bone. Herr lost both of his limbs in a tragic mountain climbing accident. Watch Hugh Herr’s entire story on Sunday March 25 at 2 pm E.T. on CNN

Hugh Herr believes there's no such thing as disability - only bad technology.

The double-amputee says the bionic limbs he’s inventing will transform the way amputees experience their lives, will revolutionize sports and predicts the advancement of limb technology will change the psychology of disability.

Check out the segment from Erin Burnett OutFront featuring iWalk Founder and CTO Dr. Hugh Herr and BiOM user U.S. Army Maj. David Rozelle.

iWalk, the bionics company advancing technology to restore natural function and movement for lower-limb amputees, today announced it has significantly expanded its nationwide network of iWalk Certified Bionics Centers (iCBC). Lower-limb amputees now have access to the BiOM bionic ankle system through the addition of 18 new prosthetic providers across 38 regional locations, making the product available at 58 of the leading prosthetic and orthotic centers across the country.

A bionics company that is helping to provide movement and function to amputees has expanded its services to 18 new prosthetic centers to address the more than 185,000 amputations performed in the U.S. each year.