Press for iWalk

In 1999, a Hartland Township firefighter fell and broke his leg in a way that doctors couldn't fix it. Countless surgeries and sleepless nights led him to a difficult decision that would forever change his life, and now it's changing again.

iWalk, the bionics company advancing technology to restore natural movement for lower-limb amputees, today announced the expanded availability of the PowerFoot BiOM (BiOM) through its initial iWalk Certified Bionics Centers. The company has certified 12 of the nation’s leading prosthetics providers to offer the BiOM, the first robotic lower leg system to normalize metabolic efficiency and increase self selected walking speed for amputees. The BiOM features advanced bionics technology developed by Dr. Hugh Herr, an MIT-based, world renowned innovator and researcher in the fields of biomechanics, biological motion control and augmentation technologies.

At the MIT Biomechatronics lab, professor Hugh Herr is creating robotic prosthetics that mimic the functions of real limbs, leading to a new bionic age.

Examine what military tacticians call the tip of the spear—the leading force in combat—and you're liable to find 1st Lieut. Melissa Stockwell, U.S. Army (ret.). It's a role she has embraced since April 2004, when a roadside bomb in Baghdad blasted off all but six inches of her left leg and made her the first female American amputee of the Iraq war. Four years later, as a swimmer, she became the first veteran of that conflict to qualify for the Paralympic Games. Now, having just passed her board exams to become a certified prosthetist, she figures to be a very busy woman, spearheading yet another movement.