Press for Mascoma

Mascoma Corporation, an innovative biofuels company, today announced the acquisition of SunOpta BioProcess Inc. (SBI), a division of SunOpta Inc. (Nasdaq: STKL) (TSX: SOY). This combination brings together the world-leading fiber preparation and pretreatment technologies of SBI and the world-leading consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) technology of Mascoma, to create a company with comprehensive capabilities for converting non-food cellulose (wood chips, energy crops and organic solid waste) into ethanol and high value co-products.

Mascoma Corp. is acquiring a division of Canada's SunOpta Inc. for $51 million, hoping to pair the companies' biofuels expertise to more efficiently convert wood chips, crops and organic solid waste into ethanol.

With the economic storm clouds clearing, at least a bit, a look around the New England tech sector reveals that, yes, plenty of companies survived, some thrived and some got off the ground, albeit with greater reliance on bootstrapping, friends and family financing and angel investors.

Biofuels firm Stellenbosch Biomass Technologies (SBMT) is launching in South Africa to commercialise technology developed by Massachusetts-based Mascoma. The firm will work with Stellenbosch University to develop the technology and plans to build a demonstration-scale plant within the next two years, subject to securing investment.