Press for OnForce

Today, OnForce, the #1 source for on-site tech talent in the cloud, launched the IT field service industry's first quarterly benchmark – The OnForce IT Field Services Confidence Index – which shows that entrepreneurs in IT field services are pessimistic about the current economic situation. In fact, just over 51 percent of IT field service professionals surveyed said that reduced business spending and fewer IT service job opportunities have had a negative impact on their bottom line.

Service companies have a tough job trying to strike the right financial balance between growing their businesses and hiring full-time employees.  In fact, nearly 60 percent of those surveyed at CompTIA Breakaway 2011 earlier this month said that managing growth and fully utilizing full-time employees are the biggest challenges they face. Rising operational, fuel and administrative costs also ranked high.

OnForce, the #1 source for on-site tech talent in the cloud, today announced that it has been awarded a U.S. patent for a work order development, online negotiation and payment processing systems.  This patented technology is embedded in its field services cloud, which connects enterprises and IT service businesses with local certified technicians. This patented system, U.S. Patent number 7,856,406, eliminates cost; removes service management hassles; and provides highly skilled, local contractors with opportunities to grow their businesses.

OnForce, the #1 source for connecting businesses with highly skilled local tech talent, announces its top performing service professionals through its "Best of 2010 OnForce Pros" recognition program. Among the tens of thousands of high quality service professionals who use the OnForce platform, the company is recognizing 156 of these independent contractors who exhibited exceptional service practices.