Press for rPath

If you read this, you might want to send your CV to Mike Torto at rPath.

Mike Torto has been CEO of rPath, a start up enterprise software company since May 2009.  He loves his life and is conscious of the life/work balance he has created for himself. 

 Mike commutes from Boston, Mass to Raleigh, North Carolina where he works! When I read those words in a recent article, my first thought was “What?!! With so many people trying to reduce travel to improve balance in their lives, how is this guy claiming to have a great life balance and enjoy quality time with himself.”  

 I knew I had to call him to get the story of how he commutes from state to state, enjoys time with his three daughters,  speaks at universities and run a start-up technology company.

rPath, an innovator in automating system deployment and maintenance, today announced that company Founder and CTO, Erik Troan, will be speaking at DevOps Day USA 2010 to be held at the LinkedIn Corp. offices in Mountain View, California on Friday, June 25, 2010.

rPath, an innovator in automating system deployment and maintenance, today announced its new video series, “System Automation Unplugged: Technical Whiteboard Sessions on Next-Generation IT Automation Topics.” Available now, the videos are designed to provide educational content to two distinct audiences: 1) those seeking to better understand rPath and its approach to model-driven and version-controlled system automation; and 2) IT operations practitioners in general, who are interested in leading-edge ideas for low-overhead system automation for the age of massive scale and accelerating change.

Enterprise IT is under pressure to transform from bottleneck to business enabler. The rise of public cloud services such as Amazon EC2 have provided a clear example of what enterprise IT is expected to become: a simple, self-service on-demand infrastructure provider. IT organizations that fail to make this transformation will watch in vain as rogue workloads follow the path of least resistance to the public cloud.