Press for Sand9

Sand 9 Inc., which is developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) designed to work as precise timers that would improve the capabilities of wireless devices has raised $3 million of a planned $6 million equity round, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sand 9, Inc., a technology company developing precision timing products for wireless applications, today announced the appointment of Skyworks Executive Vice President, Greg Waters, to their Board of Directors. Mr. Waters will help Sand 9 manage the transition from development to volume production of its innovative MEMS oscillator technology.

Last month was not at all about equality, at least when it came to venture investing. Overall, monthly venture investing totals have remained pretty stable for most of the spring in Massachusetts, hovering around the $200 million neighborhood, based on data provided by private company intelligence platform CB Insights. (That’s only counting deals worth $1 million and up; we’ll write about the sub-$1 million startup financings in a separate story.) The real news each month has been whether the investments have been distributed on a relatively egalitarian basis across sectors, or whether one particular industry has charged ahead to take the majority of venture dollars.

Investors have put $12 million into Sand 9 Inc., a startup making nanoscale mechanical frequency control technology for the wireless market. The Series B round was led by new investor Commonwealth Capital Ventures, with participation from previous backers Flybridge Capital Partners, General Catalyst Partners and Khosla Ventures.