Press for Tremor Video

Tremor Media, a New York-based online video monetization and advertising company, recently acquired streaming ad placement service provider ScanScout for an undisclosed sum. Now, thanks to this SEC filing, we know they spent at least $65 million on the merger.

Lots of advertisers want to buy online video -- they just don't want to buy it in dribs and drabs from a bunch of different places. That quest for scale is leading to a swath of consolidation in the fastest-growing segment in online advertising.

Tremor Media announced its acquisition of ScanScout today, creating a clearly dominant player in online video – the fastest growing interactive advertising segment. The combined company’s scale makes it the undisputed leader in both video ad delivery and unique viewer reach.

In an industry first, three leading video advertising networks –YuMe, ScanScout, and BBE – teamed up to produce a comprehensive product launch case study that demonstrates how effective digital video is at driving brand awareness and purchase intent – two critical metrics that matter most to major brands.  On August 3, the three networks, in conjunction with digital brand advertising effectiveness firm Vizu and Poptent, the leader in crowd-sourced video production, launched Jerry Leigh of California's HoodieBuddie™ – a patent pending innovation and the first hooded sweatshirt to feature machine washable headphones integrated into the drawstrings and a built-in MP3/iPod connector in the pocket – using no paid advertisements other than digital video.