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Leading online video advertising company ScanScout ( today announced the availability of purely cost-per-engagement (CPE) ad units within pre-roll ads, an industry first. While video networks have long offered CPE units within banners and alongside video streams, ScanScout is the first to offer CPE units in pre-roll, within the video streams themselves. Agency buyers have already begun utilizing these ground-breaking units for numerous brands, including Jeep.

In the heart of a baseball fan, there is only space for one team: the Red Sox or the Yankees. And rarely does the allegiance flip.  In the tech world, Boston entrepreneurs have historically taken it for granted that Boston venture capitalists loved them first, best, and forever.  But lately, they can’t help noticing how many local investors seem to be “carrying bags of money south on the Acela,’’ as Jules Pieri puts it. Pieri is founder of a Lexington e-commerce start-up called Daily Grommet Inc.

The online video ad network space has earned something of a reputation for murkiness, which has helped fuel interest in a string of ad verification companies that aim to ensure brands' ads run where they are supposed to.

ScanScout, one of the growing players in online video, already claims that it’s technology can prevent an advertiser’s ads from running alongside questionable content. But to take things a step further, the company says it will now be fully transparent upfront with its advertisers about what sites their campaigns will appear on.

Online video advertising company ScanScout today announced full support for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) and Video Player-Ad Interface Definitions (VPAID) video ad standards, providing streamlined delivery and distribution of ad inventory for advertisers and publishers.