Press for Tremor Video

Tremor Video, the largest independent online video technology company, today announced the launch of its Mobile Creative Platform, a toolset that helps advertisers build and deliver interactive video creative across all mobile devices and operating systems, without sacrificing ad functionality or viewer experience.
“The Mobile Creative Platform means advertisers and publishers can serve rich, engaging interactive video ads across all mobile devices. This provides the peace of mind that the ad will always look good.”

Tremor Video have just launched VideoHub in the Europe, starting with the UK and German markets. VAN caught up with Anthony Risicato, Tremor’s MD of Media Platforms, to find out more about VideoHub and what it’s going to bring to the European video advertisers and publishers. Anthony also discusses Tremor’s long-term strategy, their position on real-time bidding (RTB) in video advertising, and the future of the ad network model.