Press for Tudou

The highly expected "That Love Comes," a high quality made-from-web drama series produced by Tudou (China's leading online video is debuting today October 15, 2010 on Tudou's main site.  In China, Tencent QQ and PPStream are also joining the Internet-only debut online for the Chinese audience.  More than 10 distribution partners in other 9 regions/countries across Asia Pacific will be airing "That Love Comes" throughout this fall.  Tudou's first attempt in producing an original series has attracted wide commercial interest and transformed the company from just being a highly trafficked video website to a full media house expanding its production, distribution and publishing value offerings.

China Mobile joins hands with Tudou( , leading video website in China) in rolling out 2010"G-Snap!" mobile video competition nationwide, soliciting the best UGC (usergenerated contents) videos and promoting to its over 800 million mobilesubscribers. The "G-Snap!" competition combines the reputation incentivescreating a whole new Mobile Box Office recognition, as well as materialincentives sharing profits to original mobile content creators based on videoon-demand clicks of China Mobile's video subscribers. From the kick-off sinceearly September, it has successfully collected over 3,000 video works. Allwill be viewed by consumers' accessing videos through their mobile phones.

Silicon Alley Insider ("SAI")announced its third annual "Digital 100 - the World's Most Valuable Startups"*global list in the past week. Out of the 100 private companies, Tudou(China's leading online video website ) ranks no. 15 andtops the U.S. based premium content video website by two positions.Focused on serving the world's biggest 420 million internet audience in China,Tudou is well recognized internationally for its growth momentum and strategicpotential.

Welcome to the Digital 100: The World's Most Valuable Internet Startups!  In this year's list, we've looked at and evaluated more than 300 startups and ranked the top 100.