Press for Tudou

Former Bertelsmann executive Gary Wang, the CEO of Chinese online-video distribution platform, looks to his former employer for inspiration when he talks about the big dreams he has for his little company.

This week Tudou ( , China's leading online video website) partnered with VivaKi, digital media operations of the worldwide Publicis Groupe, to roll out a new online video advertising format "AdSelector" in the China market. Tudou is one of the first Internet media joining the pioneering live test and has seen positive feedback from users who were exposed to the new format.

When it comes to Internet and mobile application development, it is often said that the most popular model is called C2C, which stands for “copy to China.” In simple terms, this boils down to copying a successful application in the west, such as YouTube (Chinese versions include Tudou, Youku and Ku6), Facebook (whose Chinese versions include Kaixin and Renren), Twitter, which has become a hit application for in the form of Sina Weibo (which means mini-broadcast) and for copycats of Foursquare, the hit location-tagging site for mobile phones.

Tudou ( ) today announced it has closed a US$50 million Series E funding round.

Gary Wang, Tudou Founder and CEO said that the company is investing aggressively into expanding its main advertising supported web platform, and developing mobile/portable device video technology as key future growth drivers. Tudou also plans to integrate professional content with its "Orange Box" made-for-Internet original programming debuting the first Tudou drama series in fall 2010, as well as a large UGC (user generated content) archive of over 38 million videos. Tudou is transforming its website model into a fully operated media house.