Press for Tudou

Temasek Holdings has made its first foray into the Chinese internet sector with an investment in Tudou, China’s second largest online video company. Tudou said it raised $50m in its latest round of equity financing, with the Singapore state investment fund accounting for $35m of the amount.

Tudou, one of China’s largest video sharing site, has announced the fall release of its first made-for-Internet original production “That Love Comes” (欢迎爱光临) starring Joseph Cheng and Fei’er Li. The plan is part of the company’s overall strategy, “to produce several series based on what our Chinese audiences like to see and made with only the Internet in mind,” explains site co-founder Marc van der Chijs.

Publicis Groupe SA is working with online companies in China including Baidu Inc., and to target advertising in the country and help make the territory one of its biggest markets.

Every month, about 300 million people in China are using a computer to watch Chinese TV dramas, Japanese and Korean sitcoms, and even American films and television series like “Twilight” and “Gossip Girl.” Live streaming of the recent World Cup also drew a huge online audience.