Press for Vitrue

Vitrue (, a leading social media management company, revealed today new data supporting optimal Facebook publishing strategies and practices in a comprehensive white paper entitled, “The Anatomy of a Facebook Post.” The new research data, which provides insights behind post effectiveness by post type, time and day part, was initiated to apply real-world analytics to determine the most effective Facebook publishing practices for brand marketers. The data was evaluated across the 265MM fans managed through Vitrue’s SRM Platform for its wide range of clients.

As social media continues to win respect and legitimacy in the hearts and minds of executives across the world and more companies than ever are looking to open up a Facebook page to take their brand “social” -a question that is repeatedly asked by brands is: What is the value of a fan? (or a “liker” in today’s terms).

What do you do if you have a tool set that currently manages nearly 200 million Facebook connections across over 600 pages? If you’re Vitrue, offer some of it for free. The company announced this week that it is making the API from its Vitrue Social Relationship Management (SRM) Platform free for agencies to test and develop social media initiatives for clients and prospects. License fees are only initiated when an agency launches a client implementation.

Vitrue, the leading global social media management company, announced today the release of a free Agency API from its Vitrue Social Relationship Management (SRM) Platform which delivers powerful creative, publishing and application components all packaged for in-house deployment through an easy-to-use, web-based interface. The industry-leading Vitrue SRM platform’s three main components—Vitrue Tabs, Vitrue Publisher, and Vitrue Apps—together deliver a comprehensive, turnkey solution for agencies and brands to manage, measure and maximize value on social networks and across the web.