Press for Vitrue

Vitrue opened its doors in 2006 in Atlanta with the aim to connect marketers to consumers using social web services. It has expanded to Facebook in recent years, and expanded geographically from its home base in Atlanta to New York, Palo Alto and most recently Chicago.

Social media management company Vitrue has announced the latest update to its enhanced and revamped Vitrue SRM (social relationship management) platform, Vitrue Publisher 2.0.

True to form, many of the technologies showcased during New York's annual Internet Week wowed, but what really generated attention were efforts to answer the $64,000 question: How do we measure the value of a Facebook fan, especially since Facebook is a dominant part of a marketer's toolkit?

How much is your Facebook page worth?  The question has probably never crossed your mind, but marketers have been trying to measure their social media investments in dollar signs for some time, and now they have a tool that may help them do just that, at least to an extent.