Press for General Catalyst

The cleantech industry is still in its nascent days, and an ecosystem that promotes sustainable production, distribution and consumption of energy is still developing, especially the entrepreneurial and managerial talent that will lead us hopefully into a new era of job creation, economic growth, and global competitiveness.

Any seasoned investor knows that past performance is not indicative of future returns. That is as true with public stocks as it is with venture capital firms. But if someone were to ask you to rank the top VC firms today based on their probability of success, how would you do it? Remember, looking at past returns won’t help you. 

A few years ago, venture capitalist Larry Bohn thought everyone talking about “cloud computing” had their heads in the clouds.  “These things start with everybody talking about it, and nobody knows what it is,” said Bohn, managing director of Cambridge’s General Catalyst Partners. “But it’s no longer a collective hallucination. People know what it is, and it works.”

Hey startups: do you have what it takes to bring home the big check? From hundreds of applicants, our judges -- Joel Cutler of General Catalyst, David Pakman of Venrock, Rick Heitzman of FirstMark, Stuart Ellman of RRE, Habib Kairouz of Rho, and Laura Sachar of Starvest -- will winnow the list down to seven. Each will present on stage and withstand the judges' grilling.