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There was a palpable feeling that-–particularly for "break out" companies--we are indeed in some sort of reemergence or "Wave." However, this upswing appears different, in substance as much as in attitude, when compared to the late 90s. Here were 5 takeaways from a panel discussion with the "VC Titans."

The venture capital industry is clawing its way back after a ten-year drought. AlwayOn's editors unveil the top 100 venture capital firms that are leading the comeback and proving that high-growth private company investment opportunities still exist for the wise and disciplined VC.

Last week, the New Yorker published a piece by Malcolm Gladwell, in which “The Tipping Point” author argued that “social media evangelists”vastly overstate the value of social media in activism.
I disagreed with much of the piece, but more interesting is the perspective of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who led most of the company’s product development until 2007. It was then that Hughes answered another calling: becoming the director of online organizing for Barak Obama’s 2008 election campaign, where he was credited with turning armies of passionate volunteers into organized activists.

George Bell is probably best-known as the CEO of pioneering Web portal Excite, and later as chief executive of Excite@Home, following the merger of Excite and cable broadband service @Home. But Bell also founded The Outdoor Life Network (now cable channel Versus Network), has served as an executive at Times Mirror Magazines and was chief executive of college savings platform Upromise before joining Boston-based venture capital firm General Catalyst.