Press for General Catalyst

Last week I attended the General Catalyst Entrepreneur Forum with my colleague Walt Frick, and at least several hundred other entrepreneurs, innovators and investors from around the country.  It was a packed house with a great crowd of all ages and plenty of conversation before and after the night’s speakers.

Eight years is a long time for a technology company to wait to go public - and for the venture capital firm backing it to get paid.

But for three companies in General Catalyst Partners’ portfolio that are now courting Wall Street, the timing turned out to be pretty good: The stock market has firmly rebounded from the crash of 2008, and investors are eager for shares of growing online tech firms.

Amid the news that Nabeel Hyatt has left Zynga's Cambridge office to become an investor with Boston venture capital firm Spark Capital, we've put together this quick list of entrepreneurs that have switched to Team VC in Boston.

Since we made this list in 10 minutes, we are almost certainly forgetting some obvious ones. So shoot me an e-mail with who I'm forgetting and I'll add 'em!

Joel Cutler & David Fialkow Highlighted.

AlwaysOn is proud to announce the first annual Power Players West list, honoring the champions of entrepreneurship who are helping the Global Silicon Valley dominate today's technology marketplace.