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Includes General CatalystWhile the startup fundraising process often seems like a clubby game of relationships and calling in favors, a service called AngelList helps relatively unknown entrepreneurs efficiently show their wares to potential investors. But putting “angel” in the name hasn’t thrown traditional venture capitalists off the scent, especially in this frothy funding environment.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes was on The Colbert Report last night touting his new nonprofit, Jumo. Jumo is a "social network for the social sector" -- you can sign up (with Facebook, naturally) to follow any cause or nonprofit you're interested in, learn about what they're doing and get involved.

There was a palpable feeling that-–particularly for "break out" companies--we are indeed in some sort of reemergence or "Wave." However, this upswing appears different, in substance as much as in attitude, when compared to the late 90s. Here were 5 takeaways from a panel discussion with the "VC Titans."

The venture capital industry is clawing its way back after a ten-year drought. AlwayOn's editors unveil the top 100 venture capital firms that are leading the comeback and proving that high-growth private company investment opportunities still exist for the wise and disciplined VC.