Press for Yottaa

Yottaa, General Catalyst Partners and FastIgnite, today announced the first Cloud Innovation Showcase (“cloudinno”) conference targeted at promoting cloud innovation and adoption, to be held on November 10th in Cambridge, MA. To register, visit the CloudInno web site at

Zeroload, a web consultancy in Paris, France andYottaa, an innovative cloud computing company focused on web performance, today announced the first international Web Performance Contest. 
“Speed is the differentiator. Performance is an opportunity. Better web performance can result in better business performance. At Yottaa, we are very glad to be able to contribute to the contest. Performance matters. We see this contest is an important step in building up the web performance community.”

Our guest on Octane this week is Coach Wei!  Coach is serial entrepreneur, who has been very busy building his latest startup called Yottaa, which is a cloud computing startup focused on website performance.  He recently raised $4M in venture capital funding for Yottaa.  He is also the founder and Chairman of Nexaweb Technologies in Burlington.

Most of the time, when an analytics score is delivered, users are met with an  apparently arbitrary number, like in Klout, HubSpot Graders, etc. I enjoy the perspective, but don’t always know exactly what all of the factors really mean. Back end “special sauce” algorithms make many of the scores determining factors in how well you’re “using them,” but they don’t usually help users understand exactly what to do if they want to change anything about performance.