Press for Yottaa

Yottaa, Inc., the website optimization company that helps businesses double their site speed in just a few clicks, announced substantial results for, an online retailer of world famous sugar cookies. Since partnering with Yottaa, SmileyCookie has seen an increase in e-commerce revenue overall due to faster website speed. is built on the Magento e-commerce platform and now loads faster for all visitors because of Yottaa Optimizer.

Yottaa Inc., the web performance company, announced today two key additions to its fast-growing teams. Raymie Stata joins Yottaa's board of directors, while Morris Porter has been named vice president of sales and business development at the firm. The additions to Yottaa's leadership team will allow the company to continue its rapid pace of development and business growth.

Yottaa, a Boston startup with software for speeding up the display of websites in the browser, said Tuesday it's won a patent that recognizes several key technologies underpinning its products.

Yottaa, Inc., the web performance company, announced today that is has been issued patent number 8,112,471 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its "Distributed Network Service for Traffic Processing and Web Performance Optimization (WPO)." The patent recognizes many of the innovations driving the success of Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer, Yottaa CDN and the company's Cloud Routing Network.