Press for Yottaa

We’re gearing up for a very interesting panel discussion next Monday, September 26, in downtown Boston. And the program just got even more interesting.
Xconomy is organizing a venture chat around the theme of “Consumers, the Cloud, and Beyond—New Rules for Innovation,” which will tackle hard questions about what entrepreneurs and investors need to think about in the current era of Internet and cloud startups (and the “consumerization” of enterprise software). The main panel includes Larry Bohn of General Catalyst Partners, Jeff Fagnan of Atlas Venture, and Rich Levandov from Avalon Partners. David Patrick, the CEO of Boston mobile-app firm Apperian, will moderate.

Lean startup, schmean startup. There’s more than one way to build a Web company.
Just ask Coach Wei, the founder and CEO of Yottaa, a two-year-old tech startup in Cambridge, MA. Yottaa (pronounced sort of like the green Jedi master) makes software tools to help business websites run faster, monitor their performance, and generate sales more efficiently—a field known as Web performance optimization. In a previous life, Wei worked at data storage giant EMC (NYSE: EMC) and founded business software firm Nexaweb Technologies. He is a graduate of MIT and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, which foreshadows the approach he is taking with his current startup.

Yottaa, ( ) announced today that recognized Web Hosting veteran William Toll, VP, Marketing of Yottaa, will be presenting a session titled “Every Millisecond Counts! Faster Websites Matter – Help Your Company and Your Clients get Better ROI from their Websites” at HostingCon 2011. HostingCon 2011 is being held from August 8-10, 2011 in San Diego, California.

These are two startups that aren’t household names in the Boston-area tech scene, but probably should be. One started in 2009, raised venture capital when it was tough to get in the downturn, and is currently adding new features and generating some buzz. The other started five years earlier, in 2004, bootstrapped itself to profitability, and counts among its customers the world’s largest retailer and the world’s largest bank.