Press for Yottaa

Yottaa, ( ) announced today that recognized Web Hosting veteran William Toll, VP, Marketing of Yottaa, will be presenting a session titled “Every Millisecond Counts! Faster Websites Matter – Help Your Company and Your Clients get Better ROI from their Websites” at HostingCon 2011. HostingCon 2011 is being held from August 8-10, 2011 in San Diego, California.

These are two startups that aren’t household names in the Boston-area tech scene, but probably should be. One started in 2009, raised venture capital when it was tough to get in the downturn, and is currently adding new features and generating some buzz. The other started five years earlier, in 2004, bootstrapped itself to profitability, and counts among its customers the world’s largest retailer and the world’s largest bank.

Yottaa, Inc., ( announced today support for Google Analytics within Yottaa Insight™, its cloud-based Web Performance assessment and monitoring service that helps businesses measure their website’s speed and benchmark it against competing websites. Now, with Yottaa's new Google Analytics integration, website owners can assess the impact of their website’s speed on key performance indicators like bounce rates and conversions.

Yottaa, Inc., ( today announced Yottaa Optimizer™, a cloud-based Web Performance Optimization (WPO) service that helps businesses double their website speed with just a few clicks, resulting in faster browsing, improved conversions, and better search engine results. Available today as a private beta, Yottaa Optimizer is easy to implement and requires no code changes, software downloads or hardware purchase. To apply for the private beta, visit