Press for Jumptap

Jumptap announced an agreement to enter into a capital and business alliance with cyber communications inc., or cci, a Japanese media representative company that is wholly owned by Dentsu Inc.

Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, today announced an agreement to enter into a capital and business alliance with cyber communications inc. (“cci”), Japan's leading media representative company wholly owned by Dentsu Inc. Under the agreement, cci will be the exclusive partner for Jumptap technology in Japan and will make a strategic investment in Jumptap.

It has been almost two months since former Excite and Upromise CEO George Bell, most recently a VC, took over as CEO of Jumptap, a mobilead network. And now Bell has named a new sales boss for the company, as he inherited the company without one.

With so much consumer attention shifting to mobile phones and tablets, the business of advertising in mobile media is on a steep upward trajectory. A surging number of apps are supported by ads, and users can expect to see more ads when they view mobile video or use smart phones to conduct searches. In the United States, mobile ads are expected to bring in $1 billion next year (chart). Globally, mobile advertising is already a $3.5 billion business.