Press for Jumptap

As Apple strafes to keep Google and AdMob (as well as any other company whose principal business is not ad-serving) from serving ads to its mobile devices, the independent mobile ad networks are looking to reap the benefits as they can serve to just about any platform.

Jumptap wants to help developers and publishers caught in the crossfire of the mobile advertising battles between Apple and Google/AdMob, and it's doing it to the tune of $4 million

Mobile advertiser Jumptap has announced that video is now part of its offering. The primary goal of the network is to be the most comprehensive mobile advertising service out there, and building in a decent video service is a necessary step. GoMo News talked to Jumptap CMO Paran Johar about the new service, and how it will work.

Mobile ad network JumpTap is adding video to its range of ad options, counting on the category to expand with the growth of mobile TV. The company will serve video ads across a variety of formats including in-stream, tap-to-video, in-banner, interstitial and within applications.