Press for Jumptap

As mobile video finally starts heating up, Jumptap sees an opportunity for some players to lock up that emerging ad space. So the company is making an aggressive move to do just that.

Jumptap, a provider of mobile advertising solutions and mobile ad network services, has announced to incorporate a new platform feature that will help the mobile consumers in managing their own profiles for a more personalized brand experience.

“This is my second home,” Jumptap CMO Paran Johar says of the Gramercy Park Hotel as we lounge in its outdoor pavilion bar. Our waitress has informed us the view is far more spectacular at night, but on a clear spring New York afternoon on which the sun has made a most-welcome cameo, the panorama of buildings stretching to the East River is an impressive display of the city’s massive scope.

As the field of mobile advertising ages and matures, a particular notion has been getting more and more attention. The idea is that consumers should have more control over what advertising they see on their devices. Massive mobile ad network Jumptap has today announced a new service it is calling “consumer intelligence”, which gives consumers more choice when it comes to the ads served to them over the Jumptap network. I interviewed Jumptap CMO Paran Johar to get an insight into the service.