Press for CyPhy Works

Startup CyPhy Works Inc., a maker of small unmanned flying robots to be used for infrastructure inspections, has raised $1.2 million in a new round of funding, according to federal documents.

If there’s such a thing as an “off season’’ in the region’s innovation economy, it transpired this past week. Out-going voice mail messages suggested getting in touch via e-mail, and e-mails generated an automatic “Out of Office’’ reply. But there’s no better time than the off-season to analyze individual players, and the long stretch of games ahead. Here’s my take on the people, companies, and technologies that will be making news in 2011.

This is ordinarily a busy month for conferences, schmooze-fests, and seminars. But cramming the calendar even more this year are two new mega-events: FutureM Boston (starting today) and Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week (starting Oct. 13).   One will spotlight Boston-area companies helping to shape the future of marketing, and the other is planned as a celebration of “the entrepreneurial spirit.’’  With the focus on creating companies and propagating big ideas, it seemed like the right time to assemble a list of some of the area’s most innovative people. The criteria were simple: smart people who are working on important projects at companies of any size, or who support entrepreneurship in essential ways.