Press for Fancy

New York start-up ThingD recently introduced a new social commerce platform for its site, Fancy, which allows brands and retailers to sign up and sell any item that has been “fancied” on the site. Since it’s launch in February, Fancy has accumulated an astounding 500,000 users and more than 1,000 merchants signing up to list their products.
The Pinterest-like discovery site enables deals and offers online, and will soon be offering its services on Android smartphones and tablets. The site is an exciting foray into the social commerce industry by building off of a large database of products and connecting consumers with countless items.

High-end design, fashion and travel-focused Pinterest rival The Fancy is rolling out several new features today, including a new slideshow option, the addition of four more languages, and a new visual search engine that allows users to search for items with similar colors.

The latter addition, which brings to mind the “search by color” feature over on crafty community Etsy or the new color search option on, is powered by image recognition technology built by The Fancy itself.

The last time we checked in with social commerce startup Fancy was back in February, around the time Kanye West tweeted out his approval for “My friend Joseph’s site.” The Joseph in question is ThingD founder Joe Einhorn, the wunderkind entrepreneur trying to create “the Facebook of stuff” as Ben Popper wrote in a profile of Mr. Einhorn in The Observer in 2010. (Somewhere along the way, The Fancy opted to drop the “The.”)

Today he is the founder of, a new scrapbooking and shopping site, where users can share photographs of covetable objects and experiences — a velvet Burberry trench coat, sparkly gold nail polish, a room at the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong — and, it is hoped, buy them.