Press for Fancy

Amid the increased speculation surrounding Silicon Valley darling Pinterest’s forthcoming revenue model, competitor Fancy, a social photo-clipping service popular among the style-conscious set, has been quietly working on revenue ideas of its own. Previously, the service was doling out coupon code to users who “fancy’d” images belonging to specific merchants, but today, the site is diving head-first into social commerce.

Imagine that, five or 10 years ago, someone came to you and said he wanted you to post on the Web your yearbook, your address book, and all of those silly photos of you and your friends getting ready to go out for the night. This person wanted to make the information semi-public—available not just to your friends, but to your friends' friends, and to everyone in your school or your workplace. Then, imagine that this person said that this whole database of yearbooks, address books, and photographs would someday be worth $50 billion. What would you have done? You would have scoffed. But this is one version of the story of Facebook.

Quick Pitch: Thefancy connects users to things, people and brands on the web and in real life.

Web entrepreneur Joseph Einhorn's new site, The Fancy, is about what it sounds like: a collection of beautiful stuff. It's an invitation-only photo blog where more than 5,000 tastemakers and celebrities upload and tag images of their possessions, as well as the baubles they'd like to own. Actor Ashton Kutcher showed off a Leatherman multitool the other day; the magician David Blaine recently added an image of a Leica M9 camera.