Press for Backupify

Backupify (, the leading provider of data protection and management services for cloud-based applications, today released “Google Apps Data Loss: Common Causes & Simple Solutions,” a free research brief that provides IT professionals with practical advice for mitigating data loss concerns as they move to the cloud.

A couple of years ago, few companies (and even fewer individuals) considered their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages worth backing up. But with more security breaches being reported, the desire to protect even the smallest bits of data has become a natural response. That’s part of what has put Backupify in a great position. The Cambridge-based startup provides an online backup, archiving and export service for cloud-based data. Since it was founded in 2008, it has backed up more than a billion e-mails, 250 million Google docs, and 200 terabytes of data across major services like Twitter, Google Apps, and Facebook. As a result, Backupify grew 400 percent in 2010 and gained another 55,000 users in the last year, bringing their user base to 146,000.  We spoke to Daniel Stevenson, Backupify’s vice president of partnerships and alliances, and Kristin Dziadul, their Marketing Analyst, about what they’ve done to develop this growth.

Backupify, a cloud-based service that backs up the content of several social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also the contents of Google Apps accounts, has landed a $5 million B-round of venture capital funding led by Avalon Ventures.

Backupify — the company that backs up cloud data so that businesses and IT departments can keep control of their stuff — is about to launch a new tool called Snapshot for Google Apps that will allow companies to download all the data in a Google Apps account into a single ZIP file and with a single click.