Press for Backupify

Backupify (, the leading provider of online backup, archiving and export services for cloud-based data, today announced the availability of its LinkedIn backup solution. This automated, easy-to-use service provides users with an independent archiving solution for important data stored in their LinkedIn profiles, including work experience, education, connections and personal recommendations.

Backupify will announce this week it is adding LinkedIn to the stable of cloud-based services for which it provides automatic data backup. This one may be its last – and for the venture-backed Cambridge startup, this is where things get interesting.

Mirco Wilhelm, the poor guy whose Flickr account was mistakenly wiped out, along with the 4,000 photos, comments, and working hyperlinks in it, could have saved himself some amount of heartache had he signed up for Backupify, a handy utility that backs up social and cloud-based services to ensure against just this type of thing. Backupify is much more than backup, though--more on that in a second.

Rob May recently moved his startup, Backupify, to Boston. We've heard this story in Pittsburgh before, only this time the startup left Louisville, not Pittsburgh. We often get caught up in the "one that got away" -- the idea of big city investors poaching our startups because they don't like to travel, or small town entrepreneurs lured to the bright lights of big city opportunity.