Press for Backupify

Backupify has made available One-Click Restore for Google Apps. For businesses using Google Apps, Backupify is the only service available that provides continuous backup and One-Click Restore for critical data stored in Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Contacts accounts.

Backupify, a cloud computing service that backs up data on other cloud computing services, has just released a “year in review” announcement that includes staggering data on the amount of content saved through the platform.

Yesterday, Cambridge based Backupify released some incredible numbers on their 2010 growth. Numbers that when you see them, will make you say “How did they do that?” Well, we found out. But first — the numbers.

Venture-backed Cambridge startup Backupify Inc. has acquired the 20,000-person customer list of a Swedish startup, TweetBackup, that provides web-based backup services for Twitter accounts, CEO Rob May said today. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but May said the company isn’t looking at acquisitions above “the five- and six-figure range.”