Press for Backupify

Facebook is forever. But it has to be, because it could be the law.
As business and government increasingly use Facebook and other social tools for official communication, creating a permanent record of what transpires there becomes as essential as filing taxes. Facebook just recently -- if only because of a privacy scandal -- created a way for individual users to download their entire personal profiles, including all photos, wall posts and messages.

Backupify was started in November 2008 in Louisville, KY. In April of 2010, we decided to move the company to Boston, and we officially opened our Boston headquarters in September. As part of the decision, we decided to focus solely on the three primary startup hubs in the United States: Boston, New York City, and Silicon Valley. This post is about my experience starting a company in the Midwest, and why I chose to move Backupify to Boston. [Editor's note: An earlier version of this post appeared on Rob May's blog.Backupify is a Cambridge, MA, startup focused on cloud-based data backup, archiving, and management.]

Backupify, a cloud computing service that backs up data on other cloud computing services, has launched a dedicated product to back up data on Facebook Pages.

Yes, I clicked the delete button. Yes, I regret it now. Yes, I belatedly realized why the Backupify service makes sense.  It first it seems an odd business model. Backupify is a cloud service that backs up other cloud services, storing the data archives's ( AMZN - news - people ) cloud storage service. Part of the appeal of cloud applications is that they're operated by Internet companies in professionally run data centers, instead of running on our unreliable PCs. So our data should be safe there, right? Why should we feel the need to back up our e-mail and Google Docs spreadsheets when Google stores multiple copies of every bit of data we entrust to its services?