Press for Backupify

Would you start to sweat if you accidentally deleted a crucial spreadsheet you’d toiled over using Google Docs? Would your spouse wail if someone hacked into your Flickr account and deleted the years of vacation photos you’ve uploaded there?

Through emails and online social networks, you share a lot of information with your friends. This includes photographs, videos, documents, and a lot more. All this data is stored on the website you are using. In case of a website glitch or a mistake by you, the data is removed you would lose many important things. Take Facebook for instance; if your data was removed from there you would lose photos, videos, notes, wall posts, event dates, and probably even more. Backupify is a tool that prevents such situations.

Using cloud-based services for data avoids traditional business IT concerns of ensuring that locally stored data is protected and backed up -- but what if something happens to that cloud-based service, or your ability to connect to it?

"About one-third of data loss is due to user error, whether for local data on user drives or online," says Rob May, founder and CEO of Backupify. "For example, deleting an email message from Gmail, or somebody modifying or deleting a shared Google Doc, or an account being hacked and deleted.

When it comes to cloud computing, data loss prevention and backup are top concerns. Solution providers looking to tackle cloud computing are seeking out offerings that help them assure customers that their data isn't going to go missing during an outage or hiccup