Press for KAYAK

Online travel website Kayak has just released a new Mac app that lets users plan their vacations, customized by destination and budget.

Just a few seconds make the difference between browsing for a plane ticket and buying one, according to travel experts.  If you’re addicted to quick clicks, a new 15-month study has ranked the speed of travel companies’ websites – down to a millisecond.

Kayak kicked off 2011 with major sales growth in the run-up to its planned initial public offering, according to an update to its IPO filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission made Friday.

I’m one of those people who can get a little carried away when trying to find a slightly better or cheaper flight or hotel for a business trip. Kayak is my obsessive tool of choice — I haven’t found a site that matches it for comprehensive coverage of airlines and hotels and for its ability to play with variables.