Press for KAYAK

You know that scene in every teenage sitcom where the protagonist heads to the local train or bus station with a fistful of dollars and asks the tickets seller, "How far will this get me?" Inevitably it's never enough, but magically close enough. Well, if you want to know how far your limited budget will get you without an extended conversation at the ticketing gate, Kayak Explore has you covered.

Travel search site Kayak launched a new feature earlier this week called Kayak Explore, a visual search engine that starts with the basic question of, "I have X amount of money to spend. Where can I go?"  The map interface of Explore lets you select a price range, a time of year to travel (this year or next), whether you're looking for attractions like beaches or casinos, and whether you have a maximum flight time in mind. Then it'll display the lowest fare available for a pretty extensive range of destinations--but mostly just to major global cities served by airlines with U.S. connections that are accessible by major travel booking sites. Only nine cities in all of Africa are displayed, for example.

Kayak searches online travel agency and supplier websites and doesn’t handle bookings — but in a couple of weeks it will begin to take your flight “orders” forVirgin America,Hawaiian AirlinesandFrontier Airlinesvia Kayak’s freeiPhone app.

Kayak introduced a new map-based tool which enable users to search for flights, hotels and activities based on various parameters they establish.