Press for Black Duck Software

Black Duck Software CEO and president Tim Yeaton has joined the China Open Source Software Promotion Union (COPU) Think Tank as a senior advisor. The COPU Think Tank, founded in 2004, is an alliance of organizations, businesses, research institutions and industry agencies that aims to promote open source software use in China, as well as Japan and Korea.

Black Duck Software is turning some of its attention from the executive suite to the IT department cube farm. The venture-backed software company yesterday announced the acquisition of the open-source online resource The deal, worth near $3 million, is aimed at getting Black Duck into the hearts and minds of software developers far below the enterprise IT budget decision makers, in hopes their adoption of open-source software will lead to more sales.

Today Black Duck announced the acquisition of from Geeknet.  Here's some of the inside scoop about our impressions of Ohloh and why this is all a good thing for the community and Black Duck.

Black Duck Software, the leading global provider of products and services for accelerating software development through the managed use of open source software, today announced that it has acquired from Geeknet, Inc. (Nasdaq: GKNT). The transaction closed onSeptember 30, 2010.