Press for Boxee

Boxee users on PC and Mac should no longer feel ignored, with promises of updated software on the way and now the option to use a Boxee Box remote from D-Link. The two sided QWERTY design is unchanged and the included RF dongle means your HTPC can stay safely out of sight while you enjoy some branded remote control action without selling out for a one-size-fits-all box. The roll your own media player crowd can pick up the remote at a penny under $50 at a variety of online retailers right now, the long awaited software update is still due this fall.

Boxee users will soon be able to navigate the platform’s growing catalog of apps with the help of categories like music, news and sports, the company revealed today in a post on its developer blog.

Tonight at a rowdy event in London’s Silicon Roundabout (our twee answer to Silicon Valley), Boxee launched the UK version of their popular set-top unit, the Boxee Box. The device, which has been out in the US for around six months, will be debuting for £199, or around $330 – $130 more than the US version.

When I got home last Friday night, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my Boxee. In case you haven’t heard of Boxee, it’s the easiest way to bring movies, TV shows, photos and music from the web to your TV. I had been using Boxee’s Web TV software for quite some time on my laptop but my MacBook’s circle of death was starting to get annoying. I needed new hardware. The little black and green glowing box sits next to your TV, and using it means you’ll never have to deal with messy HDMI cables and 2nd generation laptops when trying to watch Web TV again. Much like Apple’s TV (or much anticipated HDTV), Google TV or Roku, it is the cable box for the Internet era.