Press for Boxee

As part of efforts to deliver the best user experience, Boxee is committed to release new firmware updates every 3 months or so. The upcoming update is set to be released in May and will include… drums please… the iPad support!

It’s time to put down your remote, because in the ongoing fight between traditional television and video streamed via mobile devices, traditional media has been dealt a knockout blow. In an interview with Pocket-lint this week, Andrew Kippen, Vice President of Marketing for Boxee, discussed how a new Boxee iPad app will allow users to stream content from their tablets to any device running Boxee software.

D-Link today announced that its award-winning Boxee Box by D-Link is now available at Best Buy, bringing the ultimate Web-to-TV experience to even more homes across the country. The Boxee Box is the easiest way to bring TV shows, movies, music, and photos.

Boxee has stepped forward to announce additional details on an upcoming iPad app, not to mention that there will be an update to the software which runs on the company’s set-top box