Press for Boxee

Free flowing bandwidth; it's an enabler.  There was a time when no one had cable modems or DSL lines. Remember that?  Alright, fair enough, neither do we.  Regardless, having a 10Mb+ data connection to your domicile is a thing of beauty, because there's obviously so much you can do with it.  The question becomes not so much what the cable or telecom companies tell you, or sell to you, with respect to what you can do with it, but rather what a little imagination, and some optimized hardware and software can do with it.  And that's exactly the premise by which service platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and Boxee were born, though Boxee was a bit of a pioneer in the space with the introduction of their cross-platform software in early 2010.  Boxee touted their software as the first "Social Media Center," with the ability to rate content and share it with your friends across multiple portals like Facebook and Twitter.

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Boxee Box users can celebrate Valentine's Day by tapping into Netflix's streaming catalogue of romantic comedies. Boxee on Monday announced that the company has finally added Netflix capabilities for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Two members of Congress urged the Department of Justice to closely evaluate Google's proposed acquisition of travel information company ITA Software, as the Attorney General of Missouri offered to assist the review, in a pair of letters issued on Wednesday.