Press for Boxee

Mark Suster wrote a long investment research report on the "The Future of TV and Digital Living Room" opportunity on his blog last night.  I don't know how he has time to crank out these amazing blog posts on a regular basis. But he did it and it is very comprehensive. You should read it.

Boxee, a software company that marries web content to an intuitive TV-friendly interface, today announces the availability of a TED App for Boxee users, available now via Boxee's free downloadable application and soon to be available to users of the Boxee Box by D-Link this November.

TED talks are considered by many to be some of the most thought provoking content on the Internet. Open source pioneers Boxee have opened up TED’s surplus of valuable ideas to their users in a new app, and the results are fantastic.

The Boxee Box has to be one of the most anticipated pieces of home-cinema hardware in recent years. It brings the social media system Boxee together with some stylish hardware from D-Link to produce a set-top box that pipes movies, music and apps to your TV in magnificent style.