Press for Boxee

Hold off on that Apple TV order; there's a new set-top box on the block.  Apple fans may have already ordered the new Apple TV, but for those who would opt for an open-source platform over Apple, the newly announced Boxee Box is worth a look.

The little HTPC (Home Theater PC) and media center software start-up, Boxee, has been making a splash on the web scene since it first debuted in public beta back in January 2010.  The software was developed in an effort for cross-platform support and as such, has received a lot of air-play on the internet by end users, social media as well as Boxee's platform partners.  With the ability to support a "soup to nuts" offering of web-delivered content from big name providers such as NetFlix, YouTube, CBS and ABC, as well as stream locally stored media from NAS devices, USB drives, optical devices and even a BitTorrent tracker; Boxee's "10 foot" user interface claims to be able to become the center of all your consumable media.

Boxee, the social network-y media center for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has a fancy new App that may interest you, particularly if you’re a sports fan. It allows you to watch live games of the United Football League right from within the Boxee software.

After several months of delay, the Boxee Box set-top box is now available for preorder.
It won't ship until November, and when it does it will have new chips inside: instead of the previously announced Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, the oddly shaped set-top will feature Intel's Atom processor instead. The switchover was responsible for the delay, according to Boxee.